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Smoking Index

The impact of smoking on mortality is widely documented via a multitude of epidemiological evidence (e.g. Doll and Peto 2004, Pirie et al., 2012).  A "Smoking Index" aims to provide some ongoing, regular measurement of this key mortality barometer.  


In particular, around


  • 36% of all deaths due to respiratory diseases

  • 29% of all cancer deaths were attributable to smoking.

  • 14% of deaths due to circulatory diseases

  • 5% of deaths due to diseases of the digestive system 


were attributable to smoking.


Source: Statistics on Smoking: England 2011; The Health and Social Care Information Centre.

We are currently exploring the feasibility of a Smoking Index which could lead to uses including a more prospective longevity modelling approach which provides a strong signal for future manifestations in mortality rate data.




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