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Monitoring of Key Indicators summary

1. Smoking Index

Categorisation: Future, Medical, Social, Political

The impact of smoking on mortality is widely documented via a multitude of epidemiological evidence (e.g. Doll and Peto 2004, Pirie et al., 2012).  A "Smoking Index" aims to provide some ongoing, regular measurement of this key mortality barometer.  

2. Cancer diagnoses rates

Categorisation: Future, Medical

"Diagnosis of cancer at later stages is generally agreed to be the single most important reason for lower survival rates in England"

Source - Improving Outcomes: A Strategy for Cancer published by the Department of Health in January 2011.

3. Population Cholesterol Levels

Categorisation: Future, Medical, Social, Political

High levels of LDL cholesterol are strong risk factors for cardiovascular disease and mortality. Data estimating the prevalence of high cholesterol in the UK has been published in the Health survey for England with a biennial time trend, the data is stratified by sex and age.

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