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Catalyst Evolution


It is acknowledged that the schedule of catalysts provided is by definition dynamic and (as such) designed to change over time.

Examples of exactly how this evolution is anticipated to take place are given below

  • A given future catalyst event comes to pass and thus flips from being a possible "Future Catalyst" event to an actual "Past Catalyst" event.

  • A new catalyst event is "published" by the Working Party because it is deemed to (a) satisfy the relevant definition and (b) be worthy of notification to a wider audience. 

  • An existing Catalyst event is deemed by the Working Party to no longer satisfy ​the relevant ​definition.

  • As the case for greater granularity in mortality improvements emerges, the definition of catalysts is anticipated to follow suit so that certain catalyst events are increasingly defined as only being impactful upon a specified sub-population and / or particular causes of death.   

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